Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Google Forms 2

In my most recent post on Google Forms, I talked about how to set up a Google form and the myriads of question options and combinations that you can have. I feel like Google forms are very user-friendly and provide instant feedback to questions for the creator.

At this point, I feel like I may be able to use Google forms in my telecollaborative project as a means of collecting data (if I choose the Plan-a-Project) option. I have not yet chosen an activity structure, however, so all of this could change!

As far as uses in the classroom for Google forms, I mentioned how it can easily be used by co-workers or administration to gather staff data. I believe that this could also be extremely easy for teachers to use with students. I am also considering using this as a way to collect parent/student data at the beginning of the school year next year. Instead of parents having to fill out the same form a million times, parents could fill out one online form and all teachers could have access to it. Teachers could simply link the Google form from their websites and their syllabi.

Other classroom uses of Google forms could include:
  • a class poll 
  • creating a quiz or a test (obviously open-note since it would be difficult to prevent cheating)
  • literary analysis with a variety of questions
  • quarterly/semester survey on personal growth in the classroom
  • a club/sport invitation
All of these could also be used with telecollaborative projects too! Even the invitation could be used to "invite" the students, hook them into the project, and collect data about them at the onset of the project. Google forms would also be an easy way for groups of students across the country or across the globe to gather and analyze data since feedback is instant. Students could then take the data provided in the spreadsheet to collaboratively make charts or edit the organization online. See previous posts here or here for more information on Google spreadsheets. 

Check out this site or this site to view sample Google forms and get a feel for the different types of questions and combinations.

I secretly love this type of Google document the best and cannot wait to create more of them! Google nerds unite!

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